The Writing School

The DBC ISAS Writing School offers a structured an individualized curriculum catering to the interest and goals of the aspirant author



Ages 4 -6 

The Start Write program helps children develop their motor skills for writing in an interactive environment with supportive and caring instructors. 


Children first attempt to write during their preschool years when their vocabulary tends to dramatically expand as they begin to comprehend symbols. The program provides the environment to help each child learn and gain an understanding of the symbols such as letters, numbers, words, and pictures to enable them to integrate the pieces together through writing.


This program currently has two (2) courses: 



In this course the child transforms scribble marks into letters and number and learns to associate these symbols to its comprehensive definition.


SCRIBE (pre-requisite SCRIBBLER)  

The scribe class is suitable for children who are able to demonstrate knowledge of writing letters and numbers. This class enables children to explore the usage of these letters in forming words and associations with the combination of letters and numbers.  


Ages: Upon Assessment 

The writer’s process certificate develops the building blocks of writing and writing practice through the understanding of writing as a tool to create works of art. This program provides students the space, structure, and knowledge of literature to discover their own voice and aspirations as a writer. 


This program has three (3) courses:



This course is open to all artists but most class activities will entail writing.


Learn strategies to help fully uncover your artistic gifts and support in expressing them. The writer will gain an understanding of the creative process and its stages as he or she learns ways to access their imagination creating a portfolio of ideas. 



(prerequisite Creativity and Inspiration)


Discover different forms of writing. The class is structured using questions that will provoke thought and discussion among students to help encourage and develop their inspiration to write.



(prerequisite Writer's Discovery)

This course is designed to help writers keep a daily journal of their writing to help improve writing practice.


It will engage them to habitually practice writing as the class looks at other writer's works and journals for inspiration and technique.



Age: Upon Assessment 


This program builds from the materials of the Writer's Process Certificate wherein the students will concentrate on the three literary forms of writing: poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. 


This program has three (3) courses:



Poetry writing enhances language skill through the variety and flexibility of its writer forms. The poetry course is designed for individuals to learn how to control and mold sound, imagery, structure, meter, line, words, and theme into crafted poetry. 



Students in this class will learn about the forms of fiction and how fiction is built. Writers work in small groups on a story and perform in-class exercises in point of view, plotting, character development, dialogue, setting, and other elements of fiction. 




Every individual has an interesting story. This class will focus on finding the writer's voice to discover their stories by delving into the writer's experiences in finding their literary voice. 



Recommended Age: 8 - 99+


Develop your English grammar skills and take your writing and speaking to the next level of excellence in this course. This course explores the eight parts of speech, punctuation and mechanics, and foundational sentence construction. You will learn about phrases, clauses, problem words, common grammar mistakes, and much more through practical, hands-on exercises.