We offer private tutorials for the following instruments:
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Percussion


Is ready for private instrumental studies?

Children must sing and move before they can be expected to express musicality through a specific instrument. A child's background rather than age is what defines musical interest. A good music school setting with proper programs is significant. It is where they can use different instruments in the company of other young children with the same interest where they could develop an understanding of the elements of music. 

Our Music for Young Children Program is a solid foundation. They recognize and respect stages of development by allowing the child the opportunity to explore and create through music. When your child is ready to begin disciplined studies and commit to a practice routine, they will likely be expressing this and may even have an instrument in mind. 


What about private lessons in our own home?

Pursuing studies in a professional, distraction-free school environment promotes focus, commitment and allows a student to be part of a community of musicians. To succeed in music, a child must be in the company of others like them. Chidlren find inspiration in the many musical sounds they hear in a music school. 

Students studying an instrument privately spend much of their ‘playing’ time in their own practice room alone. The weekly encouragement and camaraderie of fellow musicians within a conservatory is invaluable, not to mention the many opportunities to perform, join ensembles, participate in workshops and keep the social aspect of music alive.